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Medical Imaging

Gaea is able to provide Medical Imaging Services through our preferred-provider, Lyscaut Medical Imaging Company, this enables us to include end-to-end image support to clinical trials using drugs, devices and vaccines as part of our service plan. All software is FDA, EMA, SFDA and CMCDA compliant, as well as compliant with HIPAA, EU privacy laws and meets 21 CRF Part 11.

Services include:

  • Clinical study design and consultation, imaging protocol and charter development
  • Site technical qualification, test image transfer and site training
  • Image collection, QC and query resolution for all modalities
  • Real-time tracking and audit trails
  • Project tracking, real-time study status reports and technology support
  • Archive, post-study storage and image library
  • High level Image analysis and Fusion including creation of special software modules (upon request)

All modalities can be managed, including CT/QCT, MRI, X-Ray, DXA. Mammography, PET/CT, SPECT, Nuclear Med. Images can be assessed on diameter, volume, density and automated calculation of their progression over time. Over 200 referring physicians are contracted to log-into the central system to read and view image results in real-time.

With Lyscaut's improved image upload and management, more focus can be made on quality and training of responsible persons rather than on chasing missing or late images, providing an overall improvement to the final trial data quality and a faster, more streamlined approach to clinical operations.

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